Tuesday, August 19, 2008

How to Stop Sweaty Palms?

There are many people in the world that suffer with the problem of sweaty palms. Everyone has sweaty palms at one point or another. Sweaty palms can come about when they are nervous on a date or when they are working out in the gym but for some it happens pretty much all the time as their body makes too much fluid. This can be very trouble some for most as they feel self conscious about their problem. The actual technical term for this problem is called Hyperhydrosis. This can be a huge problem for those that work in and around people all the time as they have to come in physical contact, shaking hands and greeting people.  

It can be hard for people on both the receiving end of the hand shake as well as the person doing the hand shaking. It can be uncomfortable to feel a sweaty, wet and slimy hand. People tend to not seek medical attention for this as they feel there is not much that can be done for their condition. People use a good deodorant or antiperspirant when they have excessive armpit sweating but they can’t really spread on the roll on to their palms. Palmer Hyperhydrosis is also known as excessive sweating of the palms.  

After all, who wants to shake the hand of someone whose palm is slimy and slick with sweat? Not only is it unbecoming for the person shaking the hand, but it is usually an embarrassment for the one whose hand is so sweaty. Some people try to use powders to help absorb the extra moisture but this can make the hands dry and cracked if they are over used. There are many herbal remedies that can be used that have been proven to have great results.  

You can check with the pharmacist at your local drug store for over the counter medications that can be used to give you some relief. Just keep in mind that you may have some unwanted side effects with the over the counter treatments such as dry mouth, blurred vision and even drowsiness. Check with your pharmacist to see if these types of side effects will go away over time while you are using these treatments or if they are something that you will have to deal with for the entire time your on medication.

You can also try some herbal remedies that have been known to work well such as St. John’s Word, Kava Kava and even Valerian Root. You may find that one herbal treatment works much better for you then another so do not worry if you have to try a few before you find what works best for you and your condition. If herbal remedies do not prove to be helpful you can always check with your doctor for prescription medications or even possibly surgery to correct the problem. Together, you and your doctor can come up with the treatment or surgery that will help you and your particular condition best.  

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